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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 10, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30, donald trump heading to new hampshire . concerning allegations of abuse at a massachusetts school, staff members under investigation over what they are accused of doing to students. and campus police carrying assault weapons, the policy that has boston police alarmed. good morning, it is 4:30
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kathryn hauser. i'm chris mckinnon. people might be up. just a little friday, we are almost there. >> almost there, you guys. the night owls, the early birds, if you are heading to bed, we are tracking a couple showers, the city of boston is 45 degrees, humidity up there 86%, winds from the southeast at 7 miles per hour. this is live doppler radar, showers are generally light, there are a couple sprinkles near nashua and keehn. amhurst back over, showers, steadier near springfield, these are all moving west to east, we'll get into some of these during the course of the hour.
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these showers are done by midday. 56 degrees this afternoon. we come close to 60 in a few spots and it is going to be a mild evening, no weather issues, temperatures still in the upper 40s with sunset at 4:11. katherine. >> danielle, thank you very much. donald trump arrives back in new hampshire and back lash over his controversial proposal of banning muslims in the u.s. >> and the controversy over his latest plan has the frontrunner wavering on a pledge he made back in september. don champion has details. >> facing backlash donald trump continues to defend his proposed been on muslims entering the u.s. appearing on fox news and cnn last night the republican presidential frontrunner threatened to break his pledge that he would not run as an independent.
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would never do it. >> i think it's highly unlikely unless they break the pledge to me because it's a two way street. >> president obama publicly weighed in taking availed swipe at the event. >> our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others regardless of what they look like or where they come from or what their last name or what faith they practice. >> other figures from outside the political world are also speaking out, boxing great ali who convert today is lamb issued a statement saying in part, our political leaders should use their position to bring understanding about the religion of islam. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg posted this message to muslims saying, i want you to know that you are always welcome here and
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the issue is resonating with voters. >> he is the only one acknowledging there is a serious problem that needs to be analyzed. >> trump has threatened to run as a third party candidate most of his gop rivals say they would support him if he was to become their nominee. 4:34, this morning two firefighters are recovering, they were hurt respond to go a call on the redline, the redline was shut down for several hours between jfk, u mass and harvard after a woman was hit and killed by a train. firefighters were responding on scene, a piece of equipment malfunctioned shocking them with electricity. >> there is a machine they have they put a clamp on, just to confirm the power is shut down so that is what they did, there was a slight arking, but they are fine. >> the firefighters were checked out at does as a
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killed has not been identified. this morning police are investigating a deadly shooting in dorchester, a man was shot and killed on phone avenue around 9:30 last night. right now there are no arrests. disturbing allegations of physical and emotional abuse at a school in western massachusetts, the alleged victims students 4-8th grid. bree is here with more. >> these kids are in a special program because they experienced trauma in their lives, many have witnessed violence or victims of sexual assault. now report from the disability law center says their school may have further traumatized them. the investigation began in april with a complaint from inside the peck school. the dlc interviewed 45 students and staff members. the report highlighting what they call a pattern of abuse and neglect, improper practices and unsafe conditions,
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thrown to the floor and slapped, staff tackling students to the ground and in one instance restraining a student more than 50 times. one woman wanted to remain anonymous but said this about her time at the peck school. >> was literally dragged to an intervention room. kicked and locked in a closet lights. >> school officials said they made changes including a shakeup in school leadership and seeking outside they remain concerned about the program because of the extent of abuse and they want a detailed plan chris, back to you. >> thank you very much. mill bury miss are checking out a hit list. the incident involved two students but other than that the school isn't saying much,
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top priority. northeastern university plans to arm campus police with high powered assault weapons, 9 move designed to protect students is running into opposition from boston police. >> it's a scenario no one wants to think about but nevertheless demands a plan. an active shooter on a college campus. northeastern university a plan includes a police force armed with semiautomatic rifles. >> as long as it's a last safe. out. >> do you feel safer knowing they have weapons like that. >> as opposed to nothing probably. >> concerned when they might >> yes. it. semiautomatic rifles will only be used as a threat, not day to day. >> i generally don't think having more guns solves anything i would rather have
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>> but boston police are not so sure, the department telling wbz what concerns the bpd necessary he willed within city neighborhoods make decisions like this without including boston police. >> i get worried about local police carrying those rifles. they need a lot of training and certainly i think it's a tough -- it's a slippery slope. >> security analysts and former boston police commissioner thinks police need to be armed with the same weapons as the bad guys. >> you are asking an officer whether he is a university police officer or local police officer to go on a suicide mission if they are going after someone with a rifle. >> campus police at bu and mit also have semiautomatic rifles for use, but only in the events of an emergency. in boston jim armstrong wbz this morning. in other news, three more sets of human remains go
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are using the skeletons in religious ceremonies, investigators have been checking all of the mossly yums in the city after an -- am adore medina had five skeletons, he admitted to officers believe the mausoleum locks were cut back in may but not stolen until september. 4:39 on thursday morning. closing arguments are expected tomorrow. deliberations could start later on in the day. in court yesterday a prosecution witness attached philip chism, psycho analyzed surveillance video from inside the video two years ago, every action he took was methodical. the doctor said his actions were that of someone trying to humiliate and dominate a victim.
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youngest person killed in the boston marathon bombings, a park on the boston waterfront will be dedicated to martin richard. accord to go the globe. details of the design are still being worked out. right now the city is fill involved in fundraising efforts but hoping to open in 20179 -- 2017. coming up, a huge company considering relocating its headquarters to boston. and next in money watch, the location, general electric is said to be scouting in the city. boston college taking new steps to stop the spread of norovirus on campus. plus basketball players who got sick at chipotle performed. imagine being able to identify a concussion right after it happened, a local
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welcome back, a new study about what employees want for the holidays. airline bringing back free snacks. a major company scouting locations for headquarters in boston, jill wagner with today's money watch. good morning, chris and kathryn.
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building a new global the boston globe reports ge is looking at sites in the sea port district. that would bring hundreds of city. new york and providence are on locations. united airlines are making a come back, the airline will give free snacks to all passengers, they were cut off in 20089 when united and continental merged. airlines seeing record profits. holiday season more employers say they plan to give holiday parties, gives and bonuses compared to last year. and hold the awkward conversation over the cheese plate, 93% of workers said they pass on a holiday party in favor of a bonus or time off. i totally get that.
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>> i do, too. >> we'll be here saying merry time for weather. weather, it doesn't feel quite like december, we keep saying this over and over. >> and it's not gonna. of day. we are going to be in the 50s, if you like the temperatures then this is your stretch. it's 45 degrees in boston right now. put it in perspective, that is warmer than when we should be during the afternoon, i am tracking a couple showers, a up could he will sprinkles right now. southern new hampshire, east side of milford, a little sprinkle on the north side of nashua. we have steadier rain that is coming out of the lower connecticut river valley, anywhere from munson stretching back toward bell cher town, these are sliding east, we'll
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course of the morning much a little piece of energy in the upper levels of our atmosphere swinging through this morning, showers will be done by midday. the sun should break out and temperatures come into the 50s this afternoon. so let's time things out. a few spotty shower that will linger into 10-11:00 a.m., by noontime still a lot of clouds around but we get breaks of sunshine, that will start temperatures into the 50s. it will be quiet weather for your evening commute. i do expect clouds to fill back in tonight, i'm tracking more rain tomorrow. skirting by the cape and islands. tomorrow morning morning shower from cape cod. mid to late morning, just like today the sun breaks out and we come into the as, some spots tomorrow afternoon. there is actually going to be a
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so to the north of it cooler air, the south mild air. we are on the south side of this front for most of the weekend, the only kind of uncertainty is on sunday, that is not going to be real close. so along that boundary there will likely be more clouds on sunday. temperatures should come up into the 60s -- 50s near 60, we may actually see a little bit of cooler air in northeastern massachusetts. look at these highs today. 58 in boston, low 60'ss possible here. norwood, tauton, upper 50s in the mare he mack valley. mostly cloudy skies, 45 at boston, fairly mild, only in the upper 30s in the coldest suburbs, either side of that 60- degree mark, accuweather seven day forecast near 60, for the start of next week with areas of rain on monday especially
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cool us off a bit but still in the 50s for tuesday and wednesday. friendly reminder, wbz eye on winter weather preview, we'll tell you how to save money this winter, snowflakes like you've never seen them before. plus how much snow is going to fall, our prediction, two days away saturday evening at 7:30. >> count down clock going, thank you very much. concussions are a major issue for athletes and now there is a new way to test for brain injuries. >> a local company has developed a blood test that could make identifying a concussion a lot easier, taking a closer look how this works. >> taylor thinks back to that faithful day when he suffered a blow to the head that ended his career. >> post concussion syndrome has been a huge part of my life, something i deal with to this day. >> according to the centers for
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concussions occur each year, a challenge is trying to figure out whether someone actually has one or not. >> rocket science on the blood. >> instead of shooting for the stars, they are using the world's most sensitive machines to search for tiny amounts of protein that leak into the blood when the brain is injured,. >> we've had nhl players that have been con cussed in one hour after the concussion they took blood tests they see it elevated with our technology. >> with a prick of a finger scientists may be able to decide within and hour possibly within even minutes whether someone has had a concussion, how severe it is, when they can safely return to play. >> my biggest concern are the 23 million soccer athletes we
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school pop warner football players, even cheerleaders. >> pediatricians will order a markers. >> everybody is very concerned on whether their child is being exposed in athletics to something that is going to hurt them longer term. >> kids should still play sports but he is all for a test that could help them play more safely. >> if there is an immediate indicator and through the blood then i am all in. >> with a grant from the nfl, they will expand the panel of bio markers, opening to perform this blood test in the field. >> that is very interesting. >> that is good technology that will help out a lot of people. the next step in the fantasy sports debate. the big meeting taking
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following several serious
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. it is 4:53, checking top stories on thursday morning, donald trump is in new hampshire after a universal rejection of his latest rhetoric of muslims, trump will be the only candidate at the new england benevolent,
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the race. an investigation into a school in west in mass reveals disturbing allegations of physical and emotional abuse against children, students in a special program at the peck school were subjected to unnecessary restraints, body slamming and more. they removed the principal and says it is consulting expects on further reforms. two 15-year-old girls will be in court accused of handcuffing a classmate and pointing a gun at her head, the girl who was attacked thought it was reel. witnesses tell police it started as a fight over a boy. the names of the suspects are not being released. boston based draft kings and new york's fan dual, part of a day long forum at the heinz convention center, industry experts are are going to participate, attorney
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her plan calls for new rules including age and advertising restrictions. the boston college mens basketball team may not be sick anymore, but their fans may not be feeling well this morning after last night's game. some of the players got sick from the norovirus outbreak. they were cleared to play but the eagles fell to the friars 66-51, some fans seemed to know happen. >> when i heard right about -- read about that in the paper it is going to be a run away for providence. i didn't know if the game was going on. >> i think it's an excuse. no, you know, it is what it is. i feel bad for the kids. i feel bad for the school. >> boston college is trying to control that norovirus outbreak linked to chipotle, is 20 students got sick so far. the school is closing salad bars on campus and giving
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to take their final exams. chipotle is still shut down. red sox taking new steps to protect fans from foul balls or shattered bats, encouraging all of its teams to do something after several fans were badly hurt this past summer, the sox plans to extend the netting all the way to the dugouts, one victim who was hit and badly hurt says it's about time. >> all it takes is a parent taking a second to reach in their wallet to get a hot dog for their kid and in that one second a ball could come in at them. >> the red sox are reaching out to the ticket holders most affected by those planned changes. it is 4:56 right now, seven puppies making history. the first ever test tube dogs. and they hope scientists -- the hope that scientists have for the future. with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m.,
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there are over 15,000 ways to take your coffee at dunkin'. every cup as unique as you. always fresh with that signature smooth taste. we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. . this sweet, playful and represent a breakthrough in science, these are the first puppies born through in vitro fertilization. their mom was fertilized by 199 embryos, and she gave birth to seven healthy puppies. >> the doctors say the techniques could be used to preserve the genetics of endangered species and open the door to gene editing. that could fix health issues with certain breeds.
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i mean roll that video the
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